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Data Science Fundamentals

Certification & Training Course

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Data Science Fundamentals
Certificate & Training Course

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Course Curriculum

  • create an Azure Machine Learning workspace
  • configure workspace settings
  • manage a workspace by using Azure Machine Learning studio
  • select Azure storage resources
  • register and maintain datastores
  • create and manage datasets
  • determine the appropriate compute specifications for a training workload
  • create compute targets for experiments and training
  • configure Attached Compute resources including Azure Databricks
  • monitor compute utilization
  • determine access requirements and map requirements to built-in roles
  • create custom roles
  • manage role membership
  • manage credentials by using Azure Key Vault
  • create compute instances
  • share compute instances
  • access Azure Machine Learning workspaces from other development environments
  • create a training pipeline by using Azure Machine Learning designer
  • ingest data in a designer pipeline
  • use designer modules to define a pipeline data flow
  • use custom code modules in designer
  • create and run an experiment by using the Azure Machine Learning SDK
  • configure run settings for a script
  • consume data from a dataset in an experiment by using the Azure Machine Learning
  • run a training script on Azure Databricks compute
  • run code to train a model in an Azure Databricks notebook
  • log metrics from an experiment run
  • retrieve and view experiment outputs
  • use logs to troubleshoot experiment run errors
  • use MLflow to track experiments
  • track experiments running in Azure Databricks
  • use the Automated ML interface in Azure Machine Learning studio
  • use Automated ML from the Azure Machine Learning SDK
  • select pre-processing options
  • select the algorithms to be searched
  • define a primary metric
  • get data for an Automated ML run
  • retrieve the best model
  • select a sampling method
  • define the search space
  • define the primary metric
  • define early termination options
  • find the model that has optimal hyperparameter values
  • consider security for deployed services
  • evaluate compute options for deployment
  • configure deployment settings
  • deploy a registered model
  • deploy a model trained in Azure Databricks to an Azure Machine Learning endpoint
  • consume a deployed service
  • troubleshoot deployment container issues
  • register a trained model
  • monitor model usage
  • monitor data drift
  • configure a ParallelRunStep
  • configure compute for a batch inferencing pipeline
  • publish a batch inferencing pipeline
  • run a batch inferencing pipeline and obtain outputs
  • obtain outputs from a ParallelRunStep
  • create a target compute resource
  • configure an inference pipeline
  • consume a deployed endpoint
  • create a pipeline
  • pass data between steps in a pipeline
  • run a pipeline
  • monitor pipeline runs
  • trigger an Azure Machine Learning pipeline from Azure DevOps
  • automate model retraining based on new data additions or data changes
  • refactor notebooks into scripts
  • implement source control for scripts
  • select a model interpreter
  • generate feature importance data
  • evaluate model fairness based on prediction disparity
  • mitigate model unfairness
  • describe principles of differential privacy
  • specify acceptable levels of noise in data and the effects on privacy

Industry Trends


Cloud Computing

Industry Growth

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17.5% CAGR

between 2016 and 2026

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$331 billion

market growth by 2022

Cloud Professional

Annual Salary

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Cloud Professional

Hiring Companies

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Data Science Fundamentals Amazon
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